Nature – A beautiful, natural setting

Find Abbotsford real estate in an unspoiled, natural green space. Set in scenic and beautiful Sumas Mountain, the community at Auguston has wooded nature trails and parks at your doorstep. Parks have always formed an important part of small town communities, and we’ve incorporated them into our Auguston master plan. Mathers Park sports a soccer field and baseball diamond. Callaghan Park has a wonderful playground for children as well as a basketball court.

Auguston worked with the City of Abbotsford Parks, Recreation & Culture to create Tom Thomson Park, a new environmental/educational park featured on the west side of Auguston providing a pedestrian walking loop within the neighbourhood and a staircase to access the Clayburn Creek Trail. In the future there will be interpretive opportunities that emphasize the form and function among wetland habitat in our shared commitment to protect the fragile ecosystem.

Clayburn Creek Park Trail

The surrounding trail system is also the talk of the town. The ravines of the north and south arms of Clayburn Creek form part of a natural environmental reserve and wonderful, natural scenic trails. Also, we plan to connect existing Auguston trails to the GVRD Centennial Trail, making our large trail system even larger.

This trail was once the narrow gauge railroad that serviced the clay factory in Clayburn and Kilgard and is now a wooded forest walking trail above the north bank of Clayburn Creek. Lined with huge big leaf maples and western red cedars clad in mosses and lichens, this trail is a haven for many native bird species such as black-capped chickadees, golden-crowned kinglets and Pileated woodpeckers.

Trail: multi-use gravel trail with
moderate grades
Length: 1.95 km
Amenities: roadside parking at east end only

Clayburn Creek Park

“The Auguston development plan continues to integrate an extraordinarily high level of environmental reserve lands and park space into and throughout the residential parcels making Auguston a truly unique and prestigious community.”

“Auguston will result in a high quality, comprehensively planned community based on traditional town planning principles with a variety of dwelling unit types supported by an abundance of parks and trails, commericial hubs and schools.”

“The Auguston neighbourhood is imbued with a rich array of natural features including water courses, wooded areas, diverse topographies, and panoramic views. The combination of these natural features, overlooking the Fraser Valley, create a dramatic natural setting for a model community.”

“A prime objective of our neighbourhood community is to provide for the development of an attractive, and complete community that will be compatible with and enhance the unique physical characteristics of the area.”