The Vision

The Vision – A pedestrian-oriented community

When looking for a new home there is much more to consider than four walls a roof and a price. The truly important considerations – particularly when raising a family – are the kind of neighbourhood, the sense of community, and the opportunities that exist for healthy personal growth.

These are just some of the central thoughts behind the community of Auguston. A truly master planned community built on years of thought, study and planning. Yes, this is much more than any mere suburb. More than an affordably priced home. More than a community surrounded by acres of protected parkland.

Auguston is a place where homes have a familiar feel. The homes sit close to the sidewalk and have front porches and verandahs where people while away afternoons visiting with friends and chatting with neighbours. There are places to walk, and neighbourhood parks. This is a place where people will know their neighbours and this makes Auguston a great place to raise your family.

“It’s probably the only neighbourhood where you really do get to know your neighbours.”

A resident

“Auguston is living up to its billing, a self-contained neighbourhood with a strong sense of community, where neighbours are friends, where the school, shops and parks are around the corner and where people feel safe.”

“We’re living in the country in the city. We wouldn’t want to be isolated from our neighbours. We like to know the people next door and to babysit their dog when they go on holiday.”

“We like the concept. We like the small-town feel, and we like being close to our neighbours.”

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