Auguston Traditional Elementary School

Mission Statement

Auguston Traditional Elementary School endeavours to

  • Empower children to be come contributing, productive citizens through a consistent, structured environment
  • Provide a nurturing environment to encourage children to develop their individual potential and the confidence to achieve their goals
  • Emphasize basic skills and the achievement of curricular outcomes in an environment based on the traditional values of citizenship, responsibility, and respect
  • Ensure a shared sense of mission and purpose among staff, parents, and students

School Focus

  • Establish a strong and consistent focus on the “Traditional” methods of instruction.
  • Set high goals of academic achievement, and encourage a sense of educational commitment and purpose.
  • Establish a regular homework policy and schedule.
  • Establish a clearly defined code of behaviour.
  • Encourage a parental sense of mission and purpose. Encourage parental involvement, with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) taking an advisory role in aspects pertaining to education.
  • Create a team approach of home and school working together
  • Establish a safe and enjoyable school environment for all students


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